Thursday, April 30, 2009

hodge podge

I am usually good about bringing my camera everywhere I go but this week I kept forgetting to bring it with me. I missed taking pictures of our playdate with seven kids who behaved wonderfully, the Children's Museum where I met up with friends from high school and their kids, the baseball field where Ty was running the bases with Grace after the game, my wonderful date that Pat took me on for my birthday dinner, Ty sitting on the fire engines at my mom's work, Tatum looking cute as ever in her little white jean capris and pink nike shirt. I think that's it! Because I try not to do a post without a picture, I took some random pictures from tonight. Try to contain yourself, I know they are exciting.

We ended our night with Tater and Ty bathing together. They had such a big day and had very short naps in the car, they were fed, bathed and sleeping by 7pm!
Why do I need to buy toys for my kids when these little things that come with the house can provide hours of entertainment for a little one?

No that is not a napkin. According to Ty that is an airplane and he is riding in it. He has quite the imagination...especially when he is supposed to be eating his dinner!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis!

Dear Kayla,

Happy Birthday Sis! We are one year away from being 30, can you believe it? You are the best sister, actually the best twin sister anyone could ever have. There is no else I would have rather shared a womb with! (I know that is kind of weird but I thought it was kind of funny...I know you get my humor) I feel so lucky that I have you as my best friend and sister, there's not many people who can say that. You love my kids like their your own and I love your kids like their my own. You are such a wonderful mom and I always look to you as an example of how I should raise my own children. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

(Don't ask, it's my nickname from childhood and she still calls me it!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

oh so beautiful

Today was the perfect day to go to the tulip fields. My husband wasn't very excited to go but once we all got there we had a great time. The tulips were perfect looking. Word around the county, is these are the best tulips they have had in 15 years! Ty loved running down the paths and Tatum loved touching the flowers. We were looking for someone to take a picture of our family and we looked up and there was "other Papa Tom" (Pat's stepdad).

Saturday, April 25, 2009

an early 29th birthday celebration

Yep, that's right, my sister and I turn the BIG 2-9 on Tuesday. I can't believe that we are almost 30. My mom and dad had the families over for the first barbecue of the season to celebrate our birthday. Thanks mom for the wonderful food and the most delicious cake...especially the frost! It ended up being a nice afternoon so the kids had so much fun playing outside.

Kayla-Did you notice which name mom put first on the cake? Ha, she must like me better!
The birthday mommies with the kids.

Ty and Kendyl are buds. They are six months apart and they just love playing with each other.

A little play time in the sand box

Ty trying to dribble the ball.

He shoots, he misses! If you tell Ty "good shot," he will say, "no it's not a good shot, it's a good miss." There is definitely no fooling this little guy.Our own little Punky Brewster. (And if you don't know who Punky Brewster is you are either too old or too young!)

Hey batter, batter!

My grandparents (mom's parents), Grandpa Savage (dad's dad), my hot hubby, me and the Tater

It was so relaxing at my parent's today. I had one and sometimes two little babysitters for Tatum. Kenna watches Tatum like a hawk and she just loves it.

Tater with her Old Papa. Look at her chubby little cheeks, she is getting chunky...I love it!

Kaeden making funny faces at Tatum through the sliding glass window.

The wonderful hostess, my mom!
Little Miss Kenna holding Tatum
My sister and I got a wonderful present from our husbands, A SPA DAY! How nice does that sound? No husbands, no kids, no worries....I can't wait! Not that I don't love my husband and kids but my sister and I hardly ever do anything with just each other, it will be so nice. Thanks Pat! (Shawn too!)

Thanks mom, dad, grandma, grandpa for the presents too! The BEST present of all was being with the family, I had such a good time today. It was the perfect present!

spoiled by Grandma Maggie

My mother-in-law is wonderful. She is always thinking of the kids (us too!) so when she was in Safeway the other day picking up a cake for a shower at work she was looking through the cake catalog. And low and behold she found a Thomas the Train cake. So she did what every typical grandparent would do and she ordered a small one for Ty. Ha. Ty loved it! He asked if it was his he might be a little confused but oh well. He kept thanking his grandma over and over again. She also brought him paints and bubbles. Thanks Grandma Maggie!

P.S. To the other grandparents: I know that you spoil my kids and Pat and I too!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Painting at Picasso's & Playing at the Park

Today we went to Johnny Picasso's to paint Mother's Day gifts with my friend Kelli and her two kids, Ben & Lucy. Ty picked out a ceramic box shaped in feet with sandals. He painted for 2 minutes and was all done. So only one grandma will be getting a handmade gift from Ty unless we go back between now and Mother's Day.

Ty concentrating on his paint job. Try not to notice is disheveled hair and his "Ladies Man" shirt. Can we be more PWT?
Tatum just hanging out and watching.

Lucy and Tater entertaining each other.

Since we got to Johnny Picasso's at 8am and were done by 8:45 we decided to go to Storvik Park for awhile. We put the babies in Kelli's double stroller and let the boys play. The girls couldn't have been better!

I see you Ty!

Ty and Ben going down the slide...Wahoo!
Digging some dirt.
Kelli helping the boys.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Melts my heart

Tatum is daddy's girl. Pat comes home for lunch and Tater just walks to her daddy and puts her hands up and then she lays her head on his shoulder. It melts my heart!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rocky start, but a good ending

Ty and Xavier are buds. The just love playing with each other...most of the time. It started out by the boys playing outside. They were playing at the sand table and Ty was dumping sand on Xavier and then Xavier turned around at the exact same time Ty dumped sand on him. Xavier got sand all in his eyes, I felt horrible. Xavier was crying and he said he wanted to go home. But he got over it after a couple of minutes, phew!

They have their pez candy in hand and they are best buds again. Xavier paid Ty back a little later in the night with a bonk on the head. So the boys are even.

They took turns pitching the ball and hitting. It was very cute.
Nothing cuter than two boys playing in a kitchen.

Then the two boys were mischievous together. They climbed up on the couch and onto the window sill so they could see the horses.