Friday, January 27, 2012

Snow 2012

 These pictures were taken the first day it snowed last week.  The kids had a blast and we couldn't keep Tatum from eating the snow.  We just told her not to eat yellow snow.  Ty and Tatum loved sledding and building snowmen all week long.  Brady loved the snow, would laugh when it hit his face. 


Brady got tubes put in his last Friday in hopes to eliminate the constant ear infections.  He was so cute in his little hospital hat and gown. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear Ty,

Dear Ty,

I can't wait for you to look back at this post when you are 30 to see what you were doing when you were 5.  You are such a Swapp!  You don't like change and love the same routine everyday.  You eat a PB & J sandwich everyday for lunch and a waffle in the morning with LOTS of syrup.  You don't like your food touching, thank goodness for plates that are already segmented.  You are obsessed with Star Wars and Transformers.  I never thought that I would know so much about Star Wars.  

I took you to your 5 year check up this week and everything looks great.  You are still long and lean, 40lbs (50th) and 3ft 10 inches (95th).  In the last few months you have been really interested in learning about baseball, football and basketball and the scores of the games.  

Some of the things that you have done this past year:

  •      learned to ride your bike without trainings wheels this summer, it took you two times
  •      Can count by 1s, 10s, and 2s 
  •      Can read the first two sets of Bob books and have started the 3rd set
  •      Love playing XBox Kinect at your Papa and Grandma Maggie's house
  •      Love your baby brother and your sister is your best friend
  •      Can drive us nuts with how particular you are about everything
  •      Can write simple sentences
  •      You twirl your hair when you are stressed or tired
  •      You love spending time with all of your grandparents
  •      You need to be reminded several times in the morning to get dressed which drives your mommy nuts when I am trying to get you to preschool on time!
  •       You always ask, Right mom?  Right Dad?  Which was cute at first but is now get somewhat annoying but we still love you! 
  •      You love spending time with your cousins and look up to Kaeden

We love you so much Ty!
Mom and Daddy 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Brady: 8 months

I can't believe that Brady is four months away from being one!  He is the most cuddliest, content baby still.  He is not on any sort of schedule and a terrible sleeper.  He has two teeth, can move around the room by burrowing and rolling.  He can go from laying on his tummy to sitting up and has recently started clapping.  I just love this baby stage and it is just so fun everyday with him because he learns and does something new everyday.  He still weighs 21 lbs, he actually lost a few ounces this month.  I maybe looking through mommy vision glasses but Pat and I are pretty sure he says mama and dada and is actually referring to us. 

Preschool Christmas Program

Ty and Tatum had their Christmas program for the preschool a couple of weeks ago.  It was so fun having both the kids sing together on the stage.  Ty did an excellent job singing and Tatum, well...she was really nervous and put her hands in her mouth the whole time.  They loved that their Papa Swapp, Grammers and Papa Turkey were there to watch them.

Christmas 2011

We had several family Christmas gatherings this year.  With three kids I was a little busy and ended up not taking many pictures.  The kids had so much fun spending time with family, opening presents and they loved helping Brady open his. 

On Christmas morning Ty was so patient.  He woke up at 6am and both Pat and I were exhausted because Brady had another ear infection and was up almost the whole night crying so we made Ty wait open hisp presents.  He sat out in the living room until 7:30 scoping out the presents.  Finally Tatum woke up and they were able to open presents and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus over and over again.