Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas morning & Christmas 5 & 6

The kids putting out the milk and cookies for Santa.
  I forgot to take pictures of Christmas morning when we had the three sets of grandparents up for breakfast and when we went to Pat's Aunt Mary's on Christmas Day.  But here are a few pictures of Christmas morning, at Pat's dad's house and then we hosted the Swapp side of the family on the 26th. 

Showing off the new slippers that Santa brought them.

 Opening presents at Papa Swapp's house. 

 Peggy getting Tatum ready to wear her princess dress that she got her. 
Tatum loves to dress up like a princess so she loved the princess treasure chest full of dress-up clothes that Peggy got her. 

Tatum and Scarlett playing together.  It is amazing how much bigger Tatum is than Scarlett even though she is only two weeks older. 

Ty and Addison played for hours together on the 26th, it was fun to see them play so well together. 

Christmas was fun but after four days of celebrating I was exhausted.  Then on Monday night Ty and I both ended up getting the stomach flu but I was just glad that we didn't get sick during Christmas. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

For my mom's side of the family we go to my Aunt Vivi and Uncle Mike's house.  I look forward to this night for months, we have the BEST appetizers (and to see family of course!).  I think we had at least 15 different appetizers, plus dinner and dessert.  I have such a good time spending time with my extended family.  This year we had quite the surprise, Santa came!  Ty and Tatum were wide-eyed and grinning from ear to ear, it was so cute.  Santa brought all the kids presents and even got something for my grandparents. 

Ty's cousin Austin let him play with his DSI, he loved it!

This is what Ty would look like if he had a DSI...I am glad that we held off on the video gaming systems for one more year!

Look at Tatum's face, she couldn't believe Santa came!

I don't think my sister and I have had a picture taken with our parents in years...that is about as good of a picture my dad takes, so I was happy!

first of many Christmas celebrations for 2010

We had six different Christmas celebrations with family this year.  It was a lot of fun, but I am sure worn out, I think I gained 10 pounds but who cares, I am pregnant!  These pictures are from my mom's house on the 23rd.  We had a wonderful prime rib dinner with my parents, my sister's family and my grandparents.    

Tatum with her big cousin Kenna.  They are inseperable!

The Cousins!  They all just love each other so much, I wish they would move closer...hint, hint Kayla!

Don't let her fool you, this is the only bite she took!

Ty sitting at the table and didn't eat a thing.  He told me he doesn't eat this kind of food...a good meal that doesn't consist of a hot dog, pb & J or macaroni!

Did you notice who got a haircut?  I brought Tatum to the Barber last week and she cut off about 4 inches, her hair looks so much better!

My wonderful Grandma and Kendyl. 

My brother-in-law showing off his cool light that Santa brought him in his stocking. 

Ty was excited that he got a new Iron Man toy from his Auntie. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ty's first Christmas program

 Ty had his first preschool Christmas program last Friday.  Pat and I were so nervous about how Ty would do in front of so many people.  We had to bribe him to leave the house because he told us he was not going to sing and wasn't going to go.  Well, we worried for nothing.  He did great, loved being in front of all the people.  He enjoyed singing, ringing his bell and holding the light.  All three sets of grandparents were there and my sister and her kids.  Ty loved that everyone was there watching him!  I just can't get over how well he did, he brought tears to my eyes.  The best part was when his whole class was singing and he was yelling, "The light jumpED out of my hands, the light jumpED out of my hands" after his light flew across the stage.  Oops, he might have flung it across the stage, it was still cute!