Friday, May 17, 2013

First t-ball/coach pitch game

Ty was ready for his first big game! Of course they don't keep score, there are no outs and everyone gets to hit each inning but if you know Ty, you know he is keeping score and counting how many actual outs there would have been. Both my husband and I are competitive and are coaches so it could be easy for us to be over the top and put pressure on our kids in sports but I think we are the exact opposite. We just want him to have fun! After the game, Ty did say he was ready to play in the major leagues, ha!

Tatum is 5!!

Tatum's request for her party was Chuck E Cheese. I tried to convince her to do something else but her heart was set on going in the Ticket Blaster after she saw Ty do it for his birthday. This year we kept it simple and invited three of her friends from preschool and we did it right after preschool on a Monday when it was empty! She had a blast, there were lots of little girly screams!

Mother's Day at school

Both Ty and Tatum had Mother's Day celebrations at school.  Some singing, crafts, tea, and poems make this mama happy!  

Beach day for pre-k!

Tatum's pre-k class went to the beach and of course it was raining!  The kids are true PNW kids, a little rain won't stop the fun!!! Put on some rain boots and a raincoat and we are good to go!