Friday, December 28, 2012

Pedi, mani, etc.

Tatum got a make up kit for Christmas. Boy does that girl love putting on lipstick, painting my nails and putting makeup on.

Magical family moment

Pat and I joke around when something is funny, the kids are naughty or if something doesn't go as planned and Pat always says, "Another magical family moment.". We had no idea the kids actually listened when Pat would say it. When were making our Christmas cookies, Ty looked up at me and said with a cute grin, "Another magical family moment."

I desperately needed to clean my house since we were hosting Christmas for the Swapp side of the family but instead we did art, invited friends over, made cookies and made a mess. The kids and I had fun and most of all we made memories! I could have easily said no to the kids when they asked to do art because mommy has to clean or I don't want a mess in the house but I consciously said yes and I am glad I did. Brady doesn't like getting left out. He saw T and T making cookies and the next thing I know, Brady is sliding a chair up to the counter to help make cookies too! My house was clean and the food was made in plenty of time.

Christmas 2012

This Christmas was very busy but it was a lot of fun for the kids. We went to six different Christmas celebrations and we hosted my husband's side of the family on the 23rd. The kids ended up with plenty of gifts and they got what they wanted from Santa. Tatum asked for a princess and prince Barbie and Stompeez. Ty wanted a football player uniform with helmet. We got Ty a basketball hoop for Christmas.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

For the books

I have to write down all of the fun things Brady is up to these days. I did a pretty good job writing things down when Ty was little but not so good with Tatum, so I must write things down for B.

I was getting worried about Brady's expressive language a few months ago when he wasn't saying much. I knew his receptive language was fine, he understood and followed all of our directions but I was about to get his speech assessed because Ty and Tatum were saying complete sentences by 16-18 months and Brady had only said a few words. Wow, has it changed, he is talking so much more everyday. Some of the words/sayings: I dunno, I want...(mommy, mama, daddy, shoes, coat, big ball, binky, iPad), Ty, Barney, bowl, all done, big boat, nope, oopsie daisy, ooh lights, papa, juice, cookie, snow, Santa, please and the cutest little thank you. He has fantastic manners for a 20 month old.

This boy loves his shoes. The first thing he wants in the morning are his shoes on and a big ball. He loves finding the elf on the shelf in the morning. He loves to dance to Gangnam Style, it is so stinking funny! He still drinks a bottle of milk before bed (I know you should stop at a year but he is my baby!) and he loves his wub a nub binky. The only problem is when you lose one, they cost $15! Brady will sleep all night one night and then wake up three times the next. Very frustrating but we could have worse problems.

This boy is obsessed with balls! He is constantly throwing balls, wants to wear only clothes that have balls on them, and wants to play catch like daddy and Ty. He loves bringing Ty and Tatum school. Brady doesn't mind me going to work at all because he has Grandma watching him who spoils him.

I would have to say that Brady is my cuddliest baby but my most feisty. We have already started timeouts with him. He will walk up to Ty or Tatum and kick, pinch or bite them. He throws the worst tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants or can't do what his big brother and sister are doing. He is my climber, but has not climbed out of his crib yet.

I feel like Brady is doing a lot of things sooner than the other two because he watches them and learns what to do. If Brady spills he will go and get a towel and clean it up. If he finds garbage or when I get done changing his diaper, he will just take it to the garbage and he is so god about cleaning and picking up his toys. He will also sit at the table and color with Ty and Tatum.

I just love my little blonde boy so much, even when he is being quite the stinker, ha!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winter program

Ty had his winter program this week. It was fine, that is pretty much it. They sang some different songs but what is important is Ty enjoyed it and loved singing on stage even though he wasn't feeling well. The kids' friend Emmit was in the program and he was so stinking cute in his little tie!

An early Christmas celebration

We celebrated Christmas with my parents and sister's family last night. Of course my parents spoiled the kids, Ty got an iPod and Tatum got Caroline an American Girl doll. The highlight of my night was watching my dad use the "Ove" glove checking on the prime rib, it actually works, ha!