Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ty's 2 year stats

Ty now weighs 28lbs which is in the 60th percentile and his height is 36 1/4 inches which is the 90th percentile. I am so glad that he is not on the "little" side any more because at his last appt he was in the 25th percentile. Ty's doctor was very impressed with his vocabulary and said he was very healthy! And he got two shots and didn't even flinch, I was impressed because I got my flu shot last week and it hurt!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ty turns 2!

Well, actually Ty doesn't turn two until next Friday but we had a birthday party for him today since we will be gone next week at my volleyball tournament on his real birthday. I can't believe that my baby is turning 2. He was so excited and LOVED that all of his family came to celebrate his birthday. I made Ty an Elmo birthday cake. While I was making it, he was saying, "Wow, Oh thank you mommy, Oh thank you mommy."

It was so nice this year because he actually understood the concept of his birthday and what it was all about. He liked all of his presents and told everybody thank you after he opened each one. Pat and I got Ty a play kitchen. I know that people tend to get kitchens for little girls but every place we go that has a kitchen, that is what he plays with. He loved it! It makes all sorts of noises and has a light that turns on. I wanted to get him something that would be a toy that he would play with for a long time and that he would play independently...I have my fingers crossed that this toy will keep him occupied during the lovely cold and rainy days of winter. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures of Ty because he wouldn't stay still for very long but I did get quite a few of Tater. She was so good and didn't make a peep getting passed around from one family member to another.

This was such a fun day for all of us. Ty genuinely loved everything about his birthday party from the Elmo napkins to his new Kitchen. I just love that little boy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jungle Playland

This is Kaeden and Kennadi at the top of the slide. I tried to take a picture of them going down the slide but they went too fast.
Lisa and her little boy Connor.

Ty going down the slide on his tummy.

Kendyl saying, "Cheese Auntie" she loves her picture being taken.

Quinn enjoying going down the slide.

Ty looking at the BIG ALLIGATOR on the wall.

Ty and Kendyl going down the toddler slides over and over again. They had so much fun playing with each other.

Balls, balls and more balls

Kaeden, Kennadi, Kendyl and Ty playing in the balls.

Last week I met my sister, her kids, my friend Lisa and her two kids at Jungle playland in Mount Vernon. Oh my goodness...it should be called Jungle Crazy Land. Luckily we went on a weekday because I couldn't imagine how crazy it would be on a weekend. Ty had a good time, he went down the slide once with me but that was it. The slides there are so fast you fly down them and land hard on your butt, even I was a bit nervous. He enoyed the balls and the toddler area.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tatum's 6 month stats

Tatum had her 6 month appointment this morning and of course she was wonderful as always. She was grabbing the doctor's stethescope and sucking on it and when she got her 4 shots she cried for about 15 seconds and then she was smiling at the nurse. She is just so precious.

Her stats:
weight: 16 lbs 3oz-60th percentile
height: 28 in- a little bigger than 97th percentile
head size: 43.6cm-80th percentile

So, she is long and lean (she obviously doesn't take after her mama) but you wouldn't know that looking at her rolls on her legs. My favorite outfit on Tatum is when she is just in her onesie and socks and you can see her little leg rolls. I just want her to stay this size and age for a little longer, she is just so cute and fun right now. She really doesn't like to roll over very much, she would rather sit and play with her toys or lay and suck on her toes!