Sunday, March 4, 2012


  •  Tatum loves to draw.  She drew this picture of her being pushed by daddy on the swing on a sunny day.  I thought it was good for a 3 year old! 

  •  I love pinterest and I love handprint and footprint art!  These are now hanging in  Ty and Tatum's bathroom. 
  • Pat and I started the Paleo diet in January.  I have lost 19 pounds and Pat has lost 29!  I got to my goal weight, thanks to the stomach flu, so I got a new pair of jeans! 
  • I actually make dinner every night, Pat used to do all the cooking but now that I am a stay at home wifey I have stepped up my game a bit. 
  • Tatum is sassy.
  • Ty has been pushing our buttons lately
  • .  As of right now, I plan on going back to teaching in the Fall. 
  • Even on the hardest of days with the kids, I realize how grateful I am for healthy children and that I get to stay home with them.  I love my family! 

Brady: 10 months old

 Brady is 2 months away from being one!  I don't know what it is but it seems that the last baby grows some much more quickly than the other two.  We all got the stomach flu a couple of weeks ago but Brady got it the worst.  He threw up for 5 days and lost a 1 1/2 pounds putting him at 20lbs 4oz.  He is just now getting back to eating well and is back to his chubby self.  The two upper teeth finally popped through!  We thought that was the cause of his terrible sleep habits but we were wrong, he is just a terrible sleeper at night.  He loves to clap, say mama, dada, tu (for Ty), eat books or anything that he kind find.  He is one loved little boy, Ty and Tatum continue to love him so much.  We left him for the first time over night with Grandma Maggie.  He did well and grandma held him while he slept all night.   His favorie foods are banana, chicken, avocado and waffles. 
All the kids ended up under the high chair and getting stuck. 

Daddy Daughter Dance 2012

Tatum loves going to the daddy daughter dance.  She talks about it for months and just thinks it is so special to go on a date with her daddy.   They went to teh Rockfish for dinner with the Johnstons and the Sleepers and then off to the dance.                                                             

Tatum loved her corsage! 

 Look at how good Pat looks!  He has lost alt 30 pounds since Jan. 1st~!
 One proud daddy! 

Tatum said she wanted her hair curled for the dance and I literally said crap.  I don't even own a curling iron so I went and bought a cheap one and tried to curl her hair.  She sat on the chair for over an hour while I attempted to curl her hair.  She loved that I put hairspray in her hair, she kept saying, "Mom, more hairspray!"  She obviously doesn't take after her mother, I don't use any product in my hair. 

hanging with the cousins

A couple of weeks ago I had Kaeden and Kendyl for the night.  The cousins just love each other so much and havea great time when they are together.  We bought the llittle pizzas from Papa Murphy's so the kids could make their own pizza.   Pat brought the kids to ice cream and then donuts for in the morning.  I wish I can have my nieces and nephew more often! 

Happy Valentines Day

Brady: 9 Months

Our laptop has been out of commission so now I need to play catch up on the blogs posts. 

 This is what I see alot these days...a baby at my feet! 

 Just love the nakey buns!

 Yep, I am pooping! 

My sweet baby is already 9 months old. He wieghs 21 lbs 8ounces and is in the 95th % for height and head size!  He still only has two teeth and can get around anywhere.  Brady is still the sweetest baby that sleeps terribly at night!