Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break 2012

We headed down to Portland for a couple of days over spring break.  Pat and I were a little nervous taking the kids on a long drive and sleeping in a hotel.  They ended up doing great and we had a fantastic little vacation!  One of Pat's former players plays for University of Portland baseball so we went to the game.  The next day we went to the Oregon Zoo and the Portland Children's Museum.  The kids were were wonderful and loved seeing all of the animals.  Since it was kind of a chilly day it wasn't that busy and the animals were really active.  Ty did an excellent job reading the map and being our tour guide.  The children's museum was fun.  I kept Brady in the toddler area while Pat took the big kids to the areas.  Then we headed out to Forest Grove to show the family where I went to college, Pacific University.  We walked around campus, wow, alot has changed in 10 years~!  I met up with a friend who was also one of my teammates on the volleyball team.

Easter 2012

 Ty and Tatum loved all the Easter related activities this year.  We did brunch at my mother-in-laws and then headed down to my Aunt Vivi and Uncle Mike's house for dinner.  The kids could have hunted for Easter eggs all day!