Saturday, December 10, 2011

this and that fall 2011

It has been so nice not to have to work this year.  I was supposed to go back to teaching this week but I decided about a month ago that it is more important for me to stay home with my kids.  It really does go fast and I don't want any regrets when it has to do with my kids, especially the time I spend with them.  Because I am not teaching kindergarten this year I have wanted to do so much more hands-on and crafty things with my kids.  They have enjoyed it.  Ty is even asking when we are going to do the next craft.  Tatum and I made applesauce, she peeled every single apple.  I thought she would get bored after a couple of apples, nope! 

 We have had great Fall weather, it's been cold but the kids don't care.  They go and play in the driveway and they get their camping chairs out and laugh and have this little pretend world. 

 I love pinterest.  I don't have a lot of Christmas decorations so I thought I would have the kids make some this year.  They had so much fun making these canvas paintings.  We also did hand print ornaments that were so simple and turned out really cute! 
 This past Friday our town had a Walking in the Winter Wonderland at Washington Park.  It was perfect weather: cold, no wind and NOT Raining!  This was the first year they put on this event and it was a huge success.  There was free candy canes, hot chocolate, cookies and smores. 

 Here is the lady, who is also my best friend here in A-town that put on this wonderful event.  Great job Nicole, the Swapp family had a blast and can't wait to attend next year!

 We enjoyed the evening with the Kerr family, they know how to have a good time!
 It is so nice now that my kids will do an activity more than 5 minutes.  We made gingerbread houses.  I usually make them with graham crackers but this year I caved and bought the kit and I am so glad!  I love how the house comes put together and it has the grooves to show you wear to put the frosting. 
 They did such a good job taking their time this year, they ended up really cute. 

 Tatum of course kept eating the candy, that girl loves her sweets! 

Christmas Tree 2011

We went to the Berry Barn to get our Christmas tree this year.  It was super easy and a lot of fun.  The kids picked out the tree in less than 5 minutes, it ended up being really short but oh well.  Ty enjoyed helping daddy cut it down.  They also got to see Santa!  Tatum just loved sitting on Santa's lap and telling him that she wants an Easy Bake Oven, Ty told him he didn't care what he wanted and Brady was mesmerized by the man.  When we got home the kids decided they wanted to decorate the tree with their toys and Tatum's clips.  They were a little bummed when I told them they had to take them off.  I just love this time of year! 

Brady: 7 months

My little baby is not so little any more.  He is 21 lbs and wears 12-18months clothes.  He still the easiest baby but he is a horrible sleeper at night.  Some nights he wakes up once, other nights he could wake up six times.  He started eating baby food a few weeks ago and no surprise, he loves ALL food.  I even made some baby food and he gobbled it down.  He got his first tooth two weeks ago.  Unlike like his brother and sister, he doesn't bite down while nursing, thank goodness!  Brady has started to move.  He crawls kind of like an inchworm that burrows, it is quite funny. Brady continues to be very loud, talks constantly and drools a ton!