Monday, May 23, 2011

a 60 degree heat wave

 Ty begged me to let him go through the sprinkler last week.  It was only 60 degrees but I finally gave in and let him go through the sprinkler fully clothed, he had a blast!

the first real bath

 Brady's umbilical cord finally fell off and he was healed from the circumcision so we were able to give him a real bath.  I was expecting him to cry the whole time because he doesn't like to get his diaper changed but he didn't make a peep! 

Happy 3rd Birthday Tatum

 I can't believe that my baby girl is 3!  We celebrated with family and a few friends and Tatum loved her party. This was the first birthday cake that I didn't make for my kids.  We kept it simple with a Costco cake and ice cream.  I threw a few princess decorations on the cake and Tatum loved it.  By the way, for the past few months Tatum has said that when she turns 3 she will poop on the such luck!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

a new do

 I have been wanting to get Tatum's haircut for awhile and now that I am not working I actually found the time to take her.  She was so serious the entire time the lady was cutting her hair, it was so unlike her! Tatum loves her haircut because she thinks she looks just like her cousin Kenna and Dora the Explorer. 

Can I see Brady?

Ty and Tatum love their little brother.  They constantly ask if they can see Brady?  The first thing they want to to do in the morning is give their little brother a kiss and stare at him.  Tatum likes to be on "spit-up" patrol and Ty likes to show all of his toys to Brady.  I love how they love him so much! 

in her element

My grandparents came up last week to visit and spend some time with their newest great-grandchild and Ty and Tatum of course.  They even brought us dinner and a home-made apple pie that I have been craving for months.  My grandma loves all of her grandchildren but she sure does enjoy holding them when they are babies!   I think she could have sat there all day and held Brady...I think he enjoyed it too!

Monday, May 9, 2011

mani and pedi with Grandma

Last week Grandma Maggie took Tatum for her first real pedicure and manicure.  Tatum loved it but was very serious the whole time.  Tatum had been on "probation" getting her nails painted because she was chewing the polish off the nails but we let her try it one more time. Let's just say we are only going to let her get her toenails painted from now on!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Brady Thomas

After 9 months, we finally met Brady Thomas on April 30th.  I had a scheduled c-section for May 3rd but with a quick change of plans we ended up having him a little earlier than expected.  Ty created a countdown chart to meet the baby, he was so excited to cross off the days.  My parents, sister and Papa Tom were at the hospital when he was born.  I do have to say, it was very exciting to not know what we were having, it kept me from getting to anxious during the c-section.  The c-section went ok.  They had to try four different places to get the spinal to work, I lost quite a bit of blood and got a bit nauseous but other than that, everything went well.  I am friends with my OB and it was so nice to have complete trust in her even though it was a bit wierd that she was cutting me open.  The moment that Pat announced that it was a boy was so exciting, and I will never forget it!  They immediately put him on my chest but I didn't feel very well so I didn't hold him very long.  His apgar scores were both 9, so that was a relief.  Pat went with the baby to the nursery and my parents, sister and Papa were able to see Brady get washed, weighed and measured while I was in recovery.  He weighed 8lbs 13oz, 21.25 inches long, thank goodness he was two weeks early, he would have been close to 10lbs!  The kids loved meeting their little brother and thought he was the cutest little baby.  I had a few reactions to the medications and stayed four days in the hospital, it was so nice to finally get home.  One thing that was really nice about delivering at a small town hospital is that I was the only patient during the weekend and we got spoiled by the nurses!  They took Brady for a couple of hours during the night so that I could try and sleep (it didn't work because any time I closed my eyes I felt like a was going to get seasick).   My sister took 300 pictures from her camera so hopefully I will be able to add more pics to the blog.