Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A busy Fall

Yes, again I am apologizing for no pictures or very few updates.  Between teaching, coaching, parenting, "wifing" I have not been blogging or taking any pictures of the kids.  We are going to pumpkin patch with Ty's preschool this week, so I will definitely have some pictures soon.  If anyone that still reads this blog and wants to know how things are going, here is a little update:

A little kid update:
Ty is doing great at preschool.  He has had pulled a few yellow cards but for the most part he loves preschool and does a great job at listening and following directions.  He has been wonderful at home (at least most of the time!)  He still spends most of the time at home in a superhero costume and really thinks that he can save people. 

Tatum is Tatum, a very happy little girl!  She loves her dance class and wants to go everyday, she loves everything pink, and loves to repeat questions over and over and over again!  For example, what are you doing mommy? What are you doing mommy?  What are you doing mommy?  You get the picture!  She sleeps with so many things in her crib, I don't know how she can sleep.  Yes, she is still in her crib and we are not in a hurry to get her a big girl bed after being in a hotel with her this summer!

Hubby update:  Pat is wonderful!  With me coaching every night, he does a great job with the kids, keeping the house clean and doing everything around the house.  When I get home at night, the only thing I want to do is sleep! 

Coaching update:  My team is undefeated so far.  We have a big game against Burlington on Tuesday.  They are ranked 1st in the state, so it will be a good volleyball match.  I already have "nervous" tummy. 

Teaching update:  Oh my goodness, teaching kindergarten is exhausting!

That's it for now!