Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Two front teeth

Ty lost his two front teeth at school today! He only has one tooth, he doesn't know when or where he lost the other one!

Monday, January 21, 2013

A winter walk

American girl day with my girl & nieces

My mom and I took Tatum and my two nieces to lunch at the American Girl Bistro. My mom paid for the girls to their dolls ears pierced. I have a confession... I think I enjoyed the store and lunch more than Tatum. I loved seeing all the girls happy eating with their dolls in high chairs at the table. I know everything is over priced at the AG store but everything is adorable! I ended up buying Tatum a few more things, we might have to make it back there soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Over Christmas break Pat and I had been talking about going to Disneyland for awhile so we actually pulled the trigger and booked the trip. We left Brady with my mother-in-law which was so nice, no diapers, bottles, binkies, strollers or naps deal with.

Everything went perfectly on our trip: getting to the airport (no traffic in Seattle at 4!), plane left early, taxi to hotel and back to the airport, plane back home was on time. Pat and I kept waiting for something to go wrong and it didn't. We went at the perfect time! We bought a two-day park hopper and we used it on a Thur and Friday. On Thursday there were no lines! We were able to do every ride we wanted to with little or no wait at Disneyland! Pat kept track and we went on 58 rides over two days. There were longer lines at California Adventure and we finally gave up trying to do the radiator springs racing rides, The line was long even with a fast pass because it kept breaking down, ugh! On a lot of the rides the workers let us stay on and ride again. We had a great time and made a decision that we were going to try and go every couple years, in the winter of course when there are no lines!