Monday, October 3, 2011

chubby goodness: 5 months old

I know I say this every month birthday but I can't believe how fast Brady is growing.  He is still the sweetest most content baby.  He drools a ton and we can pretty ring out his shirts with how wet they get.  He is 18 lbs 5 oz and wears a size 3 diaper which is getting a little tight, ha!  He started to roll over some and loves to play with little toys.  Brady has been waking up once or twice a night depending on what time he went to bed which is often times around 6:30pm.  He had another double ear infection and had some breathing issues but it all seems to be fine now.  I have taken Brady to practice with me and he has been perfect!  He has been taking a bottle of formula from Pat when I go and coach, it is just so nice to know that when I leave for a good amount of time that he will eat unlike two other Swapp children I know!

We love you Brady Boo!

pee wee soccer 2011

My little girl wearing a dress with ducky socks playing soccer?  I always thought that my kids would be all decked out in athletic gear playing sports but I now know that is not the case.  I tried to convince Tatum to wear shorts but she picked out her own outfit and insisted on wearing a dress to that is what she did.  The kids had a great time playing soccer with their friends the Johnstons.  I love this age because they still don't compete in games it is all about having FUN!


This past weekend several Skagit Valley Farms had events planned that were mostly free to the public.  We ended up going to two different farms.  The kids were able to ride on ponies, a tractor ride, play on a recycled tire playground, make and race vegetable cars.  We had a great time except for a complete meltdown by Ty because Ty's vegetable car wasn't made "right" but other than that it was a perfect day with great weather. 

jumparoo and exersaucer

Brady started going in the jumparoo and exersaucer this month.  He is very content in either one and drools a ton when he is in them. 

first day preschool

Both the kids had their first day of preschool back in the beginning of September.  Ty is in the same class as last year with a few of the same friends which it made it very easy to dropp him off the first day.  Tatum's acted like she had been going to school for years.  She didn't hesitate and walked up to the school doors and waved and was ready for me to leave her.  They both seem to love their teachers so it makes for a happy mama!