Sunday, August 30, 2009

it always end in a bath

We stopped by the Johnston's tonight and went over to the school playground across the street and what do you know, the kids found dirt! They were covered from head to toe in dirt, so the night ended in a bath which seems like a usual for Ty and Grace when we get together with them.

You have to celebrate the big 5-0

My mom didn't want a big party for her 50th, but her daughters and hubby didn't care. We had a surprise party for her and it was a lot of fun! You can see more pictures of the party on my sister's blog.

My mom and her closest friends, all blondes!

Tater, Mom and Kenna

Me, Taters, Mom, and Kayla

My dad and Taters

Isn't that the cutest birthday banner? My sister got it of

Tatum playing the piano

Ty and Kendyl

The grandkids helping blow out 50 candles!

Doesn't she look too young to be 50?

Kendyla and my grandma who can't believe her baby is 50!

The Gagon's and the Bissell's.

15 month appointment

Tatum loves her Minnie ears we got in Disneyland. She had to show them off to Papa Swapp.
Tatum had her 15 month appointment this week and she did great with her shots and even told the nurse, "thank you" after getting them.
Her stats were:
weight: 22 lbs 6oz-50th percentile
height: 33 3/8in. >97th percentile
head size: 75th percentile

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday

We wish you a Happy 50th Birthday Grammers/Mom! Sorry that we can't be there to help celebrate the half century mark with you. We love you!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Huntington Beach

To end the trip we spent the afternoon at the beautiful Huntington Beach. Tatum loved the waves but it made me so nervous because the waves were so strong. Ty loved playing with Xavier of course!

California Adventure

On Friday night we went to California Adventure with Lianna, Steve, Xavier and Harper Neyens. We had a great time. There were little to no lines for both the kid rides and the scary, fast rides for the two "big boys." I am bummed that a lot my pictures didn't turn out because it was too dark. Ty and Xavier had a great time with each other and so did their mommies!

Tatum giving her "night night" goofy a kiss.
Steve and Pat after they went on California Screamin which is a roller coaster that goes 60mph and upside down.

The big boys helping the little boys out.

Steve and Pat were trying to show us how manly they were at this game, neither one of them came close to hitting the target.

Me and Lianna helping the boys with a rolling game.

Ty and Xavier waiting to play the rolling ball game.

Ty and daddy driving the bumper cars.

Tatum standing in the stroller watching the boys on the bumper cars.

Ok Tatum, where should we go next?

Tatum and I riding a big bug car. I am so glad there was no line to this ride. It lasted about 45 seconds and I would have been so irritated if had to wait a long time to go on such a short boring ride. Pat and I wouldn't go on any rides with the kids if we had to wait longer than 30 minutes, it's just not worth it.

We have a swimmer...finally!

I had volleyball all day on Saturday and when we got back to the hotel Maggie took the kids swimming. Usually Ty just hangs out on the steps but since there were other kids jumping in the water, Ty thought he would do it too! I was so excited to see him in the water with one of the other dad's that I hurried up and got my swimsuit on so I can join Ty and Tater in the water, I didn't know how long it would last.

Tater and Grandma
Ty jumping into his mama!

Tater with one of my volleyball players, Lauren.

Ty and mommy!

Tater wanted to jump in just like her brother.

Jensen, Aaron and Ty

Ty jumping to Aaron.