Sunday, August 30, 2009

You have to celebrate the big 5-0

My mom didn't want a big party for her 50th, but her daughters and hubby didn't care. We had a surprise party for her and it was a lot of fun! You can see more pictures of the party on my sister's blog.

My mom and her closest friends, all blondes!

Tater, Mom and Kenna

Me, Taters, Mom, and Kayla

My dad and Taters

Isn't that the cutest birthday banner? My sister got it of

Tatum playing the piano

Ty and Kendyl

The grandkids helping blow out 50 candles!

Doesn't she look too young to be 50?

Kendyla and my grandma who can't believe her baby is 50!

The Gagon's and the Bissell's.


flynnfamily said...

Thanks for helping with the party! I had a good time. I liked looking at your pictures!

flynnfamily said...

Don't you hope we look as good as mom does, when we're 50!

Kelsey said...

No kidding Kay!

The Gagon's said...

It look's like you guys had a lot of fun!

I agree, your mom looks damn good for 50!