Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting so big

" HeeHee Ty, look what I have when you are sleeping!"
I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but Tatum started out by the couch and now she is in the middle of the room playing with Ty's train tracks.

Ok...Tatum can now wave hi/bye. I just want to freeze her right now and make her stay this age for awhile longer. She is just getting so big so fast. She can get to anything in the room by scooting, crawling (backwards at least), and rolling. She is so proud of herself. Ty is not going to know what to do when Tatum rips apart his train tracks when he is playing with them. Ty is asleep right now and Tatum is having a hay day playing with his train tracks...I won't tell him, if you don't tell!

They say the darndest things

"I got a booger in there, here mommy."

"Nice toot toots daddy, he, he."

"Here's your beer mommy, good? Mmm...hah." (It was a plastic pop bottle from his play kitchen, don't worry I'm not drinking beer...just margaritas!)

"Dammit," as he drops something. I wonder where he got that word? Hmm...his DADDY!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I wish I could do that

Tatum was holding her cup with her feet but I couldn't quite get a good picture of it. She is so cute. She is getting closer and closer to crawling...life will be over shortly!


This is Christmas Day at Pat's mom's side of the family. It's a huge family, so my kids were spoiled with gifts.
Tatum and Grandma Maggie
With Aunt Lizzy

The second cousins

The Great Aunts & Grandma Maggie

Cousin Charlie hugging Tater

Emilie and Tater

A family photo op

On Christmas morning we went over to Pat's dad's house for breakfast and more presents.
Papa Swapp with his grandkids. Ty got lots of trains from his Papa for Christmas.

Her Christmas morning outfit.

Tatum with Aunt Julia, Pat's stepbrother's wife.

When the kids woke up, Ty was so excited that Santa brought him presents. He kepts saying, "oh my gosh, oh my gosh!"
Wow, Mr. Potato Head

This is at my Aunt Vivian and Uncle Mike's house in Mukilteo on Christmas Eve. We have the BEST food there, my sister and I can't wait for this night every year!
Tatum was a little hot at my Aunt's, so I stripped her down and she hung out in her diaper in front of the tree.

Tatum with her Great Grandpa

Tatum eating her first cracker, she loved it and made a mess!

Tater with her great Uncle Mike

Aunt Vivi, cousin Lisa and Tater

Ty loves to play the piano at Mike and Vivi's house

We went to my parents earlier in the day on Christmas Eve to open presents with them. We all were spoiled by my parents. Thanks mom and dad for EVERYTHING!
A happy daddy with his son, don't they look cute?

My sister and our hubbies

Tatum with her Great Grandpa Savage

My sister and I enjoying Tater

My niece Kennadi posing for the camera

What a smile! My nephew Kaeden showing off his new teeth he got in his stocking.

Tater with my dad

Do you think we look at all alike?

Tatum sitting in her new rocking chair. My parents gets each of their grandkids a rocking chair at their first Christmas.

Tatum with her Auntie

Sitting with GiGi

On Christmas Eve Morning Pat's mom and stepdad came over and brought cinnamon rolls from Calico Cupboard and presents to open.
Ty loved his Bob the Builder tool set he got from his Grandma Maggie and Papa Tom.

Phew...I think that's it. Needless to say, Ty got spoiled with tons of new toys. My plan is to keep several of his new gifts put away and on those long winter days, pull out a new toy and that will keep him occupied for a few days. Ty did so good both days without any naps and Tatum was perfect as usual and looked so cute in all of her Christmas outfits. We still have two more Christmas celebrations, one tomorrow and one next Saturday.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A little Mohawk fun

Snow Day #7

These are some big snow angels...I think I make a better angel.

Ty and mommy sledding together
Ty and Gavin sledding

Playing in the snow fort.

Where'd Ty go?

Ty and Gavin exchanging snowballs...at least they weren't throwing them at each other...yet.

Tatum was warm in her stroller. I looked over and her hat was over eyes...oops!

I am the first to admit that I was a little negative about more snow coming our way but I do have to say with the large amount of snow we got last night and today, I have to take back my negativity because it sure is fun to play in. Pat had shoveled our driveway this morning but this afternoon it was covered again with compact snow and ice so we went sledding down our driveway. I didn't think Ty would like it but he had so much fun and wanted to keep sledding. He kept saying, "one more time mommy." I had a blast, I wanted to keep sledding but Ty finally had a meltdown and it was time to go in. I told Pat that I might sneak out tonight when I put the kids to bed and go sledding again...shh, don't tell Ty! Our little driveway of neighbors is so fun, Ty has a great time with Gavin who is 3. They would sled down the driveway together, play in the snow tunnel and hand each other snowballs over and over again for a couple of hours.