Tuesday, January 25, 2011

keeping busy inside

 I would love to be one of those moms who bundles their kids up in the rain and wind when it's 40 degrees and plays outside even though the kids would get soaked and have red hands but I am not.  Don't get me wrong, I do take them outside in the winter,  I just hate the wind and it always seems really windy at our house.  Luckily Tatum doesn't like getting cold either, ha!  I went to my friend Nicole's house last week and she had Do-A-Dots, aka a fancy name for daubers/dobbers!  Tatum loved playing with them so I went to Michael's and bought some...they love them.  We made patterns, caterpillars, letters, flowers, fish, etc.  It kept them busy for at least 90 minutes.  I love activities that last more than 10 minutes and are easy to clean up! 
Ty was concentrating so hard!

Look at that pencil grip...ok, that was kind of corny but I am a kindergarten teacher, I notice those things. 

What I forgot to take a picture of was Tatum having ink dots all over her arms and face...I guess I shouldn't clean her room while she is dobbing!  She was very proud of her "stamps."

I love when the kids play independently.  They played pirate and finding treasure for 70 minutes.  They had their "journals" (cheap spiral notebooks) and they were drawing treasure maps.  Some days they fight every minute and days like today I just cherish and love that they are only 18 months apart and act more like twins than just siblings. 

Baking with Great Grandma

 Every year (except for one year) since my sister and I were 8, and two cousins Laura and Lisa have made Danish pastries with my grandma for Christmas brunch.  This year, I had to miss out because Ty and I had the stomach flu but we made it up a couple of weeks ago.  Oh my goodness, they are so good...butter, butter and more butter with lots of frosting makes for some delicous treats!  I love the fact that my kids and my nieces and nephew are carrying on the tradition with their great grandma.  I am bummed that I didn't get any pictures of the kids with their Great Grandma (GiGi) and I didn't take any pictures of the final product.  The pastries end up looking like poinsettias with lots of frosting and sprinkles.  When they are warm, they just melt in your mouth. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

stream of consciousness

I haven't taken a picture since Christmas.  I feel really fat with this pregnancy...I am only 22 weeks along and feel cooked.  My belly button sticks out alot.  I love only teaching three days a week.  So glad that the last college football bowl game is on tonight.  I think Tatum is done taking naps but I still make her stay in her crib for 2 hours until she yells for me. I am dreading the snow that is being predicted to head our way, I am a baby when it comes to driving in the snow.  Love that my kids go to bed at 7pm every night and sleep 12-13 hours every night.  My goal for 2011 is to save at least 50% on our grocery bill.  I know some people are crazy with the coupons and get things for free or very little, I am just happy using a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon for an item.  I am trying to stock up on non-perishables when they are on sale so when I am not working after I have this baby we don't have to buy those items.  I am DREADING Pat starting baseball season in 6 weeks because Pat does most the cooking, changes most diapers, and cleans when he is home.  Now that my coaching season is over, it has been so nice to sit down and eat dinner as a family every night.  Last but not least, I am so glad that my shows are back on and not re-runs.