Saturday, February 27, 2010

daddy daughter dance 2010

Tonight Pat took Tatum to her first dance, The Daddy Daughter Dance hosted by the Anacortes Parks and Rec dept. I was bummed that I couldn't go with them to see her dance with her daddy. I tried to get pictures before they left but Tatum wouldn't stand still.
Look at those pigtails and of course her brother watching tv as usual.
It took a lot of effort to get those pig tails so nicely put in hair with clippies. I had to put Dora on and give her something to eat to get her to sit still.

She looked so grown up in her little heels and talking on the phone.

The next pictures are my attempts at getting a good picture of Tatum all dressed with her little sweater on.

Oh good, a picture of Tatum in the laundry room.

Checking out her shoes.
Not sure why she wanted to put her cheeks against the dryer.

Ahh, a picture with her daddy! He is so in love with that little blue-eyed, pig-tail wearing little girl!

All buckled up and ready to go to her first dance. I am just so glad it's wither her daddy and not a boy yet.

The best part of Tatum's night besides eating a lot of meatballs and cupcakes at the dance was getting this purple bracelet from the dance! It's her first bracelet and loved it!

buzz success

Ty hates getting his haircut. I finally convinced, ok, I actually bribed him and said he can pick out a toy at Read Me A Story if he let me buzz his hair. I let him hold the clippers, feel them on his hand before I put them on his head to show him that they don't hurt. Ty doesn't like noisy things so he thinks that because the clippers are loud, that they will hurt him. So easing him into the haircut helped alot. It isn't the best buzz cut in the world because a minute into the haircut he ran away and said he was done. He had half of his hair cut, thankfully I got him to come back and as quick as I could I finished the rest of his head.

Ty went to the store and picked out a tool set that Tatum loves too!
Both kids "worked" forever with his new tools.

Tatum loved wearing the goggles.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

life is good

I don't have anything exciting to post about. Here are few pictures of tonight. We wrestled, watched a little Handy Manny and we colored for about an hour. Usually Ty colors for about 4 minutes and is done but lately he has been into coloring and can spend 30-60 minutes coloring and making his letters. He tries to explain to Tatum how to draw letters, it's very cute how nice he is to his sister when he is being the "teacher."

Look at their concentration!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

two posts in one

For awhile Tatum really didn't want anything to do with her daddy when I was home, she only wanted me (which I liked alot!) but now, she is daddy's girl and she will tell you. I will ask her, "Are you mommy's girl?" and she will say, "yep and daddy's girl too!"

Tatum cuddling with her daddy!

This is just normal mommy thoughts but I just can't believe how big Tatum is getting. She hasn't used a high chair in awhile because she insists on sitting like her brother at the table. We have a high table and for awhile I wouldn't let her sit up at the table because I was afraid she would fall off the chairs but once she could climb up the chairs herself and would stand on the table and grab the light fixtures above our table, we figured she would be fine. It makes me a little sad that she has outgrown her high chair, she is not a baby any more!

With the weather being so nice, we have taken every opportunity to be outside. The kids are so happy being outside and getting dirty. Ty spent the afternoon in jeans, t-shirt and his Keen sandals, he insisted on wearing his beach shoes.

Tatum pretending to water the weeds on the other side of our those weeds are not in our yard!

T & T trying to get escape the yard. I just hope that it is awhile until they figure out how to get out of the backyard.

hand-me-down to tantrum

The original reason that I was going take a picture of Tatum was to take a picture of her outfit. I love when Tatum wears jeans, she looks so grown-up. Everything she was wearing was her cousins, Kennadi or Kendyl's. I love hand-me-downs and I am very fortunate that my sister had a boy and two girls before I had my first, so I can get her kids' clothes. I am bummed, I forgot to go through the 18 month bin of clothes that she gave me until this week because she has already outgrown most 18-24 month clothes because she is so tall. Anyways, I took the pics to show her outfit but it ended up being of her throwing a tantrum which I think it's so cute when she has one. She is always happy and smiling so when she does have a tantrum it doesn't last very long and it usally ends with her saying, "Tamum crying" and then she stops crying and laughs at herself for crying. But I will have to take the blame for her tantrum, we had kept her up two hours past her bedtime to go the AHS bball game and she was exhausted but it was worth it.

Seriously, wasn't that the cutest tantrum?

Monday, February 15, 2010

nothing exciting

Tatum wearing her Valentine shirt that I made her.

Ty taking a little nap with his mommy. Excuse the not so cute picture of me!
We had a great weekend with my usual four days off and Pat's two extra days off of work, gotta love being teachers! Pat and I actually went out on a date Saturday. We went and watched Valentine's Day and then went to the Olive Garden. For Valentine's Day we had the Johnston's over for dinner (I know very romantic but it was perfect!). I made Tatum a cute valentine shirt that had a heart with a T in the middle of it. I tried to get a picture of her wearing it but her arms were always in the way. We went to the zoo today with the Harrington's and enjoyed the wonderful weather. Ty requested that we go to Hawaii today but we couldn't quite swing it. We told him that maybe we could go another time and that mommy and daddy will have to save up money to go and he said, "Oh, is it ok mom, we can go now because they have a 'money store' there." I am thinking that he meant a bank but who knows.

Monday, February 8, 2010


We had the Johnstons over for the Superbowl. I really didn't care about the game, it's just a good to excuse to have someone over and eat a lot of food. The kids had a lot of fun and just like always, the kids ended up in the bath together.

Emmit checking out Pat. He looked so cute in Tater's purple jammies!
Ty and Grace playing "marry."

A little double trouble on the sit and spin. Ty was going in for the kiss but Grace declined...

My sweet little pig tail girl playing with her baby doll.

Pat throwing "Super Tatum" in the air.

I ended up making Grace and Emmit capes so they can be "super kids" for the super bowl party. I am not sure what Ty was upset about but he doesn't look too happy.

Nicole and Josh enjoying the game. They are such a fun couple to have over especially when Nicole dances and sings "Who dat"...hehe

The four kids in the tub!