Friday, July 31, 2009

doing the stanwood-camano fair

Today was "family" day and we decided to head to the Stanwood-Camano Fair. It was a lot of fun watching the excitement on Ty and Tatum's faces seeing all of the animals and rides. Tatum said, "moo" and waved to every animal and Ty said hello to every animal by name. The best part was watching Ty ride the little pony name Skinner. He enjoyed every second of it and most of all he loved that his pony had a big poop while he was riding it.

Checking this scarecrow out.

Ty loved driving the car, so did daddy!

I am not sure who makes a better scarecrow, Pat or Ty?

Look at that happy little boy!

Tater waving at the horsey.

Cap Sante Music Concert

Tonight we went to down to the free concert at Cap Sante waterfront park or as Ty calls it now, "the sing park." It was a perfect night with the family. The kids had fun but we had to go after three songs because they started 45 minutes late and the kids were starting to lose it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pigs have flown

Going to church and now cooking all in one week, shocking for this mama!

Stuffed Zucchini
Step 1: get a zucchini
Step 2: Hollow out the zucchini
Step 3: chop red and/or yellow/orange peppers, onions, mushrooms and put them in a bowl with some olive oil and Johnny's Seasoning.

Step 4: Stuff the zucchini

Step 5: Throw a little cheese on top

Step 6: Cook at 350 for 30 min and Walaa!
These were pretty good. Next time I would probably put a little soy sauce in the mixture to give it a little more flavor. Pat's suggestion for every food is, "you never could go wrong with adding a little bacon." These were very easy to make and healthy, now I think I need some ice cream to make up for the calories that I didn't eat during dinner!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

play date

Tatum had so much fun at her playgroup today. She loved playing in the kiddie pool, riding the little Dora quad and car. I couldn't believe how much easier it was just taking one child to the playgroup but I did miss Ty!

Tatum and Lucy in the little baby pool.
She looks like such a big girl sitting at the picnic table with Christopher, Ben and Gwen.

She loved riding this!

What doesn't this girl enjoy?

Feeding Lucy.

Tatum eating again. This girl loves her food like you mama!

Tater's hair is a little wet after slipping in the pool and going under.

Loving the water!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

forgetting my camera all week

We have done a lot this week but I left my camera at home all week. We are enjoying life and summer in the Swapp household. It's just been me and Tater the last three days because Pat, Ty and Pat's dad are in Spokane at Pat's legion state baseball tourney. I have been staying pretty busy, I even went to church today! For those of you who know me, you know that is shocking. But I really enjoyed it and maybe it might become a normal for me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So grateful

Being down at Children's yesterday when my niece had her surgery made me feel so grateful that my kids are healthy and that my niece was "only" having her spleen removed. It was so hard to walk by a small child and see them with no hair, or in a wheelchair and know that they have been there for months. I just wanted to go and give them all hugs and to play with them. We are so lucky to have such an amazing hospital for kids so close.

By the way, Kennadi did great in her surgery. She had some pain last night but other than that everything went perfect. All of her doctors and nurses were so nice and they treated her like she was their only patient.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We LOVE you "Nenna"

My sweet little niece Kennadi is having her spleen removed tomorrow. She had her gall bladder removed two years ago but she is having some anxiety about this surgery. So if you can say a little prayer for Kenna and the doctors I know that Kenna would appreciate it. She asked her mom last night if they could pray more about sweet.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

playing with papa

My parents came up this morning for a little visit. Ty has five Grandpas and they are special to Ty in different ways. My dad is the "wrestle" grandpa and Ty loves to play with him now. When he was younger he really didn't know what to do with the rough-housing but now he can't get enough of it.

I just love watching my dad with the kids...he has a rough exterior but when it comes to his grandkids he is a big teddy bear!

i just love this little girl

She woke up from her morning nap wanting her "boos" and "ower." Aka her boots and flower hat. And then she quickly changed her mind and wanted her nikes on. She loves her shoes!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

sibling play

As soon as I got my camera they stopped wrestling and laughing hysterically and I missed Tatum falling off the bed. They love playing on the bed after baths and when they are just in diapers. So...this isn't very exciting but I didn't have anything else to post.

Friday, July 17, 2009

a 90 degree day= a day with Thomas

Today I took Ty and my niece Kendyl to the Day Out With Thomas event at the Snoqualmie Railway. Ty was so excited about going to actually get to see and meet Thomas and Sir Toppham Hat. It was so blazing hot and the kids did great. We rode Thomas the train and saw the beautiful waterfalls, got Thomas tatoos, played with trains, drank lots of cold beverages, rode an old train, tried to avoid all the Thomas paraphernalia that they were selling and rode on a school bus to and from the event. It was so nice to spend the day with those two and just focus on them. Kendyl had a good time but Ty was practically shaking with excitement.

Look at the smile, he is so ready for Thomas!
Waiting for the bus.

Thomas tatoo.

Ty getting is Harold the Helicopter tatoo.

Ty and Kendyl on an old train

Ty was totally enamored with Sir Toppham Hat. He was huge!

Look at those red cheeks. We were trying to cool down with a cold juice.

On Thomas the Train.

Hi Kendyl, I see you!

The beautiful view from the Train.

There he is, the REAL THOMAS!!! Ty was so impressed and amazed. He couldn't figure out why it wouldn't talk back to him. He asked, "mom why isn't Thomas talking?"

Kendyl with Thomas, she just wasn't as impressed but still liked it.

Ty could have stood there all day looking at Thomas. They had to tell him to move because he was in the way of other people taking pictures. I felt bad that he couldn't be there longer because he was just so excited.

On our way out there wasn't a line to see Sir Toppham Hat so Ty and Kendyl got to give him knuckles, shake his hand and talk to him. Again, I just loved watching the excitement on their faces!

Look at these two...this is 5 minutes after getting in the car. Two tuckered out kiddos!