Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life without baseball

It is so nice that Pat is done coaching baseball this summer. It is amazing the quality time we have to do things. We have been taking the kids on walks, actually making dinner and sitting down and eating as a family. We even walked to Grandpa Swapp's the other day, thank goodness it was downhill the whole way! We only have a couple of weeks of this before volleyball starts so we are trying to enjoy every minute.

Our neighbors are really nice and Ty loves to play with the two boys and their little girl because they have all the neatest toys. Ty has been eyeing their big Hummer the last couple of times they have played together so finally today he got his first ride. Just like everything Ty does for the first time, he had a very serious face while riding it. But I know he enjoyed it because he didn't say, "all done."

I am just so amazed (just like all parents) how much Ty is changing every day. He is starting to put 2 and 3 words together and I feel like I can have a conversation with him now. I have to confess that I am that parent who talks about how wonderful and cute their kid is...sorry!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bath Time

Could those eyes get any bigger? I think I took pics of Ty every time he took a bath. This is the first time I took pics of Tatum in the bath. I feel horrible about this.

I can't believe how much Tatum is awake during the day. She will be awake for hours at a time, especially in the afternoon and evening. She is such a good baby, she hardly ever cries and she is sleeping so good at night. She wakes up 1-2 times a night depending on what time she went down for the night.

A mind of his own

Pat and I are probably a little biased, but Ty is the cutest little boy! It was time for bed so Pat put on Ty's pjs and he came to me and brought me his socks and told me he wanted them on. I told him to bring them to his daddy. So Pat put them on. Then he says, "Where's shoes?" and he brings us his sandals, so Pat put those on. He then says, car, park, fun. He walked to the door leading to the garage and he was ready to go to the park. We told him no, it was hard to tell him no because he was so cute and saying please over and over again. Then he stood at our sliding glass door and tried to pull it open and cried, "outside, outside, outside." Anyways, here are a few pictures that captured the moment.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Going for a stroll

We finally got a double jogging stroller yesterday. Pat and I were a little nervous taking them out for a walk. Being so close together, I thought our little Tater Tot was going to get pinched and prodded. Tatum ended up falling asleep 3 minutes into the walk and we should give Ty a little more credit, he didn't even touch his sister. Ty is great on walks now, he is like a tour guide telling us everything he sees. He really likes to point out the rocks, birds, cars, and BIG TRUCKS!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Pat has been giving Ty buzz cuts since he was about 7 months old. At first he loved them but just like water he is now afraid to get his haircut. His hair was getting a little straggly so we thought if he got a "real" haircut he might be ok...Not so much! I felt horrible. He cried and and yelled all done the whole time. I tried to distract him a bit but he still didn't like it. He did get his hair trimmed up and it looks so much better but it was a struggle.

There was some progress...

Today's play group was at Washington Park. I was a little nervous and told Pat to get there as soon as he was done teaching summer school. Some of you might know that Ty is afraid of the water in any form...bath, sprinkler, lakes, etc. Since Washington Park is on the water I was anticipating a meltdown. We arrived at the park and he first saw the playground and was happy. Then after a couple of minutes it was time to meet up with the play group at the beach. He started walking and he saw the water and said "all done." I told him that there were bubbles so he decided to go the beach. Anyways, I am rambling, he ended up loving the beach and of course throwing rocks in the water. So hopefully when we go to Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop in a couple of weeks he will play in the water...or at least the sand at the lake.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Swapp Family Gathering

The entire Swapp family usually just gets together on Holidays, but we got together this past weekend. Pat's cousin Francine and her family is being stationed in Italy for two years, so there was a good-bye party. Pat's aunt Mary lives in Lyman on several acres so there was lots to do for the little ones. Ty loved to pick and eat raspberries, I think he ate at least 40, his diaper today was definitely a sign of how many berries he ate! Pat was at a baseball thing all day so it was hard work taking two kids there but thank goodness for Grandpa Swapp...he watched Ty or I should say, followed Ty around all day and kept him out of trouble. Ty had a blast playing with his cousins, Addison, Logan, Meadow and Lauren. I am so bummed that I forgot to take pictures of the Tatum and Scarlett, they both are getting so big. I love the picture of Ty with his Grandpa laying in the grass. Grandpa was pooped from chasing Ty all day and was trying to rest so Ty decided to rest too...I think it only lasted a few minutes.

What we've been up to...

This past week was filled with baseball games and hanging out with family. Ty at least sees one grandparent everyday, if not a couple of them. He loves it!
On Saturday my sister and her family came up to Anacortes. We went to Storvik park to their new playground. Ty had so much fun with his cousins. He finally opened up and went down the big slides, we couldn't get him off of them. He kept saying, "one more" and "again." I am so thankful that he is not scared of the slides anymore.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A glimpse in my world

This morning I went grocery shopping and Pat had both kids...I was only gone for 45 minutes. I get back and Ty was out of control and Tatum was hungry and fussy. Pat was frazzled and the only thing I could do was laugh! Ty definitely gets naughty when only one parent is home and Tatum is being held. I know Pat knows how it is for me when he is gone at work or baseball but he got a real taste this morning. I think it will take awhile for Pat to recover!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tatum's Two Month Stats

Tatum had her 2 month well check up today. The doctor says she looks great and is very healthy baby! I think she is going to take after her cousin Kendyl and always be in the upper percentile in height and weight. Tatum was so happy and then she got those darn shots. It was so sad, I have never heard her cry so loud. I know every parent has to see their kid have shots but it still so hard to watch them cry in pain.

12 lbs 12 oz- 95th percentile
24 inches- 95th percentile
75th percentile in head size

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You're out of here!

I just wanted you all to know that Pat got kicked out of his first game ever tonight! The umpire made two bad calls on the same play and Pat got very say the least. So, Pat is suspended for the next game and has to watch from press box. It's about time he got a little mad, he has been so calm and composed all season.

Best Buddies

Cari and Riley came over this afternoon to play. Ty and Riley act like brothers, it's so cute. Ty really missed Riley and when they were playing at the sand table Ty came up to Riley and put his arm around him. It was adorable! They played so well together too.

They boys and their trucks.
If Cari is holding Riley, Ty wants up too!
The boys were picking flowers through the fence, it was sweet!

For those of you who don't know, Cari was Ty's babysitter this year. Ty loves her! So now that I am home with the kids, they come over a couple of times a week and play. It's a lot of fun for all of us.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another week

Kendyl loves baby Tatum. She gave her lots of kisses!

It seems that the only time that Tatum was completely relaxed is when her Uncle Shawn was holding her. She was so content and just watched everything around her.

Kennadi posing for the camera!
Auntie Kay just loves holding Tatum.

Kaeden played Grammers in PIG and of course Kaeden won!

Ty ate fish crackers while watching Grammers and Kaeden play basketball.

These are just some random pictures from the week.

I can't even remember what we did this week. We went to grandma Maggie's house for dinner on Sunday and Monday, had a couple of play dates with Riley, had play group at Storvik park, hung out with Grandpa Swapp, went to Grandma Maggies for dinner to see Ty's cousin Charlie and all of Pat's Aunts. I am sure I forgot something. We went to lots of baseball games this week, Pat's team hosted a tourney so it wasn't too bad. Ty would go with his daddy down to the field in the morning for a couple of hours and he would eat licorice, ride the tractor (lawn mower), run around the field and find people to play with. He would come back exhausted! Then we would go to Pat's game later on in the day. Ty has a new friend named Amanda. She is one of the player's girlfriends and she entertains Ty during the game so I can watch the game.
It was too hot today to go to the game, so the kids and I went to visit my friend Lisa and her little boy Quinn. Ty played really well with Quinn and did a really good job sharing toys with him. We are working on sharing and taking turns constantly.

Then we went on down to Marysville to visit my family. On the way down, Ty had to point out every truck he saw and then when he couldn't see it any more, he would ask, "where did it go?" several times until he saw another truck and then say, "there it is." It was so dang cute! Ty loves going down there and seeing his cousins, aunt and uncle, grandparents and great grandparents. They played outside and Ty's cheeks were so red. He had the biggest popsicle and he couldn't eat it fast enough and it melted all over him. He was such a mess and of course didn't want to get cleaned up.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Huh...what's the mama doing in the picture?

I figured that I should have Pat take a picture of me and Tatum every once in awhile. I don't think there is a picture of us together since she was born. She is such a good baby. She is getting so big. Pat and I think think she is as big as Ty when he was five months old and she is only 8 weeks old. She is so long too, she is almost too big for her 3 month pjs.

My parents came up to visit on Saturday. Ty wrestled with his Papa while Grammers held Tatum.