Monday, June 30, 2008

Tummy Time

Every time Tatum has tummy time, Ty has to get down on the blanket with her. He copies her and makes all of the same noises and tries to move like her. It's very cute until he tries to sneak in a little kick.

Hanging out with my cousins

This afternoon we went over to Pat's Aunt Mary's house to visit all of the family. Pat's cousin Leanna is here from Boston with her two kids, Sofia (4) and Alistair (13 months) and Ty's cousin Charlie (13 months) was there too from Seattle. Ty had a great time running around and playing with his cousins and his grandparents. I don't know who was more tired, Ty or "Mamma" or "Bumpa." We tried to get a good picture of the kids, but as you know, it's hard to get one year olds to sit still for very long. Of course, Tatum was just sleeping and avoiding the chaos.

Going for a ride!

Ty got two new riding toys this weekend. He loves them both. He is still working on how to keep his little four wheeler going by holding the button down.

First Blog

Well...this is my first blog. After checking out other blogs of friends, I have decided to do it too. I will have to tell Pat when he gets home from teaching summer school that I have created a family account. I am not sure if he will enjoy this as much as I will.

Ty is going through a little stage right now where he is afraid of things like his bath, any type of water (don't try to get him to go through a sprinkler!), diaper changes and all of the other day to day things. Other than that he is such a sweet boy. He is talking up a storm, his favorite words right now are: gatorade, daddy, baby, wherediditgo?, and there it is.

Tatum is getting so big! She is smiling and is sleeping really well at night now. Thank goodness! Pat and I were getting a little sleep deprived for about a month and never thought she was going to sleep more than an hour at a time at night.