Sunday, February 24, 2013

My babies

All three of my babies are old enough to sit at the table for quite a long time and play with play-doh. Ahhh...Brady is almost not a baby any more. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. I love this age where everything is new and exciting, it seems like Brady is growing up so much faster than the other two because he tries to copy everything they do! I made some yummy smelling play-doh for the kids this morning that was super easy! You can find the recipe here-

Daddy Daughter Dance 2013

Tatum talks about this night for months and can't wait to have this special night with her daddy and her friend Grace and her daddy Josh. This year Tatum wouldn't let me take many pictures, she told me I could only take one to show her teacher. They had a great time going to dinner and dancing to Gangnam Style!

When you are the youngest...

Your older sister and cousins dress you up like a girl and put make up on you!

Bath time


Tatum asked, "Mom, can I go outside and shoot hoops?" I was shocked and happy! I grew up playing sports so when I became a parent I told myself that I cannot push my love of basketball or volleyball onto my children. Tatum loves doing arts, crafts and "girly" things so I was trying to mentally prepare myself that she wasn't going to like sports, but now I have hope!

Snowmen at Night

Tatum's preschool recited Snowmen at Night and invited parents/grandparents to watch. Tatum got a bit shy but did great reciting her lines! Papa came to watch and they served snowman cookies and hot chocolate afterwards, yum!

Guitar lessons

I don't know how to read one musical note, so after three guitar lessons for Ty he knows a lot more than I do. I can't even help him when he is practicing his chords, notes, or whatever they are called! His teacher tried explaining it to me so I can help Ty but it was too much for me to comprehend, ha! So far he has picked up what his teacher has taught him fairly quickly. He is getting a little inpatient and wants to know when he can stand and play a song like a rock star. Brady and Tatum love watching the guitar lessons, it's very cute!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Cutest little blonde boy


Tatum and Ty started basketball last weekend. Pat and I were not sure how Tatum would do, she really hasn't shown any interest in sports until now. She was so stinking cute in her little pink shorts, shirt and her Skechers. I tried to get her to wear basketball shoes but she refused. Ty did great too, he was a little bummed they don't play real games yet. That boy loves to keep score and Win! Brady was fun...not really, trying to keep him off the court was difficult, he loves shooting hoops!