Saturday, February 26, 2011

daddy daughter dance 2011

 Pat took Tatum to the Daddy Daughter Dance tonight.  Tatum has been so excited about it all week.  She just loved getting a dress on and kept asking, "Am I so beautiful?"  I got a few pictures of her not using her "cheeeeese!" grin.  I wish I could get pictures of her actually at the dance dancing with her daddy. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My dad's birthday

We celebrated my dad's birthday on Saturday.  It was a nice cold day so the cousins played outside and had a blast with each other.  I didn't take any pictures but my sister did.  If you want to see her pictures you can click here.

Feb Snow: 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

my boys in disneyland

 Pat and Ty went to Disneyland about a month ago, a little father and son bonding time.  They both had a great time but Ty was a little under the weather fighting a really bad cold so Pat thinks that he didn't have as much fun as he could have had.  Ty's favorite ride was Buzz Light Year.  They went on it 8 times.  Going in January was the perfect time to go to Disneyland, there were no lines and sometimes they were able to just stay on the ride and not even have to get off.  The weather was perfect, 70s degrees.  You can see in a lot of the pictures that Ty looks really tired and I didn't realize how bad he needed a haircut until after looking at these pictures.   

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pee Wee Basketball

 Ty had his first basketball "practice" today.  When we told him that he was going to have basketball he told us he didn't want to, that is not what I thought his response was going to be.  I played basketball and volleyball in college so I want my kids to play sports but I am not going to push it if they are not interested but today I was like seriously kid, it's pee wee basketball, you are going to play.  Once we got there, Ty LOVED it!  Ty is the type of kid that needs to know what is going to happen at a new place before he feels comfortable.   We usually have to spend alot of time prepping him and then he does fine.  So Pat and I thought, if we just got him there and he sees all of the other kids, he will be fine.  We were right, thank goodness!   It helped that one of his best friends was there, Grace and Bryson from preschool.  He had so much fun and wanted to play basketball when we got home.  I am not going to lie, I am a bit relieved that he didn't refuse to play today. 

Look at those smiles, they had fun!

 Then there is Taters.  She is too young to join in on the fun but she had fun watching her brother and having her baby watch too.  By the end, she wanted to be playing too!  

When Ty was done, Tatum played a little ball with daddy, it melted my heart. 

I tend to be a little critical of how activities/sports are run for little kids.  But today, I was very pleased with APRD Pee Wee basketball.  There was no competition they were just exposing kids to the sport and letting the kids have fun.  The kids were broken up into six different stations with two coaches at each station.  The groups were small enough so all kids were busy the entire time, there were no kids standing in line forever and they rotated the stations just when the kids were about to get silly.  They made the drills fun and engaging for four and five year olds, it was great!