Monday, September 28, 2009

Missing Poop

7:45 am "Ty it's time to change your diaper," says the mama.

7:47 am "I want you to change my diaper right here on the couch," says Ty.

7:48 am "Fine, Ty we will do it right here," relieved that the mom finally was able to get her son to change his diaper.

7:49 am Hmm...some skid marks on the diaper but the mom doesn't see any poop. Oh wait, there is a "poop nugget" that just fell out of her son's diaper.

7:50 am The mom looks for the little poop nugget on the couch, under the couch, under the ottoman, she even gets a flash light to try to find the marble size poop.

9:20 PM Over 12 hours later, the mom still hasn't been able to find the poop and she is just hoping that no one ends up thinking it's food and eats it.

The End

My favorite job: Being a Mama

I love teaching. I love my kids. And I LOVE my four day weekends EVERY weekend (at least almost every weekend unless I have a tournament). This is why:

I get to keep Tatum from eating playdoh.
I get to add "pepperoni" to Ty's playdoh pizza and pretend to eat it.

I get to enjoy painting outside with my kids on a nice sunny day.
I also get to keep Tatum from eating paint.
I get to watch my kids make a mess and not care about it because it was outside and I threw Tatum in the utility sink after she was covered head to toe with paint.
I get to see the excitement on Ty's face when his mom remembered to charge the battery to his four wheeler for the first time in 5 months.

Then I get to watch Tatum blow bubbles and try to keep her from eating them too!
Then when the kids are napping (which was only for about an hour and 20 minutes today) I get to catch up on all of my dvr'd shows. I feel bad that I choose to watch tv over housework but as Pat says, "If tv watching was an Olympic sport, you would totally win!" I was able to watch 3 one hour shows in about an hour and half so now I didn't waste an hour an half of tv watching if I would have watched them on real time. Anyways, it was a great day today with my kids, I loved it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

win or lose, Husky Fans

The kids are sporting their Husky outfits they got from Papa Swapp. I think Ty wears his Husky clothes at least three times a week, we practically have to pry them off of him.

All about a girl

Tatum loves playing with Ty's train tracks now. She works so hard at putting them together and she gets frustrated when she can't do it. I love watching her try to figure things out. I love this girl.

Last night Tatum was trying to sit on this red ball but most of the time she would go to sit on it and it would roll away and she would fall on her bottom and laugh. It was fun watching her entertain herself. I just love this girl.

I just love Tater's hair in pigtails! Tatum can now wiggle herself out of her high chair and stand on the tray...I just love this girl.
Last week when I got her out of her crib, this is what I found. She tried to take off her shirt but wasn't successful. Too cute! I just love this little girl!!!!
I think you all get it now, I LOVE everything about this girl!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

So busy...

I guess this is how life really is when you have to work. I thought I was busy last year staying at home with the kiddos, was I wrong! I was busy, but it was a different busy. I leave by 7am and get home at least after 7:45pm and when I get home I am pooped. I do like being back at work. My kids are doing great with their babysitters. My husband is better at doing "the stay at home mom" duties than I ever was when he gets home from work, so I guess life is GOOD! Hopefully I will have pictures to post this weekend of my two favorite kids. By the way, they will be decked out in their Husky gear for Saturday's big game against Stanford.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

See dad, I CAN do it!

Our neighbors have two boys that are older than Ty and Ty wants to do everything they do. Pat was outside with the kids on Friday and Ty wanted to ride Gavin's bike but Pat told him he was too little. The next day I was outside with the kids and Ty asked to ride Gavin's bike and I said, yes! Ty was so excited to ride a real bike and he was able to pedal it and he was so proud of himself. I had to pry him off the bike. So I guess for Ty's birthday or for Christmas, Ty will be getting a real bike!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"I love my sister"

Ty was hugging Tatum and he told me to get the camera and take a picture.

He loves to tickle her and she loves getting tickled by him!

Gotta love the scrunched nose "cheese" smile!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I wonder how the volleyball carts break?

We had the SVC alumni game this past Friday. It was a lot of fun to see players that I played with and the ones that I coached.

One of my player's boyfriends put the kids in the volleyball cart and of course they loved it! And just in case you were wondering, my kids are not wearing lipstick, they had themselves some red gatorade.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

first day at preschool

We started back at the co-op preschool again this year. Ty was so excited to go back and the night before he talked about everything he remembered about school. He couldn't wait to see his friend Benny. Tatum had a great time to playing with all of the kids and dancing to the music.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BBQ at my parents

We went to my parent's house on Saturday to visit some relatives from Missouri and for a Seafood feed: crab, oysters, black cod, was so good!

My uncle Rick lifting the kids up to dunk the basketball, over and over again, the kids loved it!
He shoots, he scores!

Kennadi going for the dunk.

Our little kindergartener, Kennadi! I can't believe she is starting school.

Kendyl posing for the camera.
Everyone enjoying some good conversation and beverages.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

a little progress is better than none

Ty has wanted nothing to do with going pee on the potty. But he woke up Saturday morning wanting to go potty so we have now made our first step towards no diapers for our first baby. He doesn't want to wear normal diapers, he only wants to wear pull-ups. Yes, I know that wearing pull-ups sometimes hinders potty training but whatever works for Ty. I think it is going to be a several month process. And of course, whatever Ty is doing, Tatum wants to be right there with him.